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Environmental, Social, and Governance

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Everyone has a story to tell. This Holiday Season, we’re giving our platform over to women whose stories inspire us and supporting the causes that inspire them.

We are proud to support these women and the causes they believe in, especially during this season of giving. In that spirit, SKIMS has made individual donations in their names to the charities of their choosing.

We hope this, in turn, inspires others to donate their time or money this season to supporting those in need.


Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West always dreamed of being a mother. Growing up surrounded by siblings, she couldn’t wait until she had children of her own. Having complications while pregnant put everything into perspective for her and put an even bigger emphasis on the importance of family.


Amanda Booth

Becoming a mother to a child with Down Syndrome gave Amanda Booth’s life purpose. Amanda now dedicates her life to speaking up for those that do not have the ability to speak for themselves.


Mia Michaels Melchonia

Mia Michaels Melchonia was born with a disability but that didn’t stop her from pursing her love of dance. Through dance and choreography, Mia found self love and body confidence.


Chalita Natakuatong

Through the help of her family, friends, and modeling career, Chalita Natakuatong was able to gain the self confidence needed to succeed.


Angok Mayen

“My blood and their blood is the same.” At 12 years old, Angok Mayen fled South Sudan and came to the United States. Angok describes her transition to this new country and is so thankful to be in safe in the United States.


Alissa McGinley

Alissa McGinley was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age. In a time where Alissa was surrounded with constant bad news, she found hope and support through her mother and husband.


Toni Breidinger

“As soon as the helmet comes on, gender becomes irrelevant.” Toni Breidinger began racing at 9 years old. Starting out racing go karts and then moving to cars, she is USAC’s all time Winningest Female Driver, won 19 races. Toni strongly believes in equality in sports and uses her platform to speak about the issues that matter the most.


Rebekah Miller

Rebekah joined the Navy Reserve when she was 17 years old. Being a member of the Navy Reserve allowed her to have both a civilian and military career. She became a job coach for people with disabilities and helped them find work in order to provide for themselves.


Ariel Pierre Louis

“When a child asks you for help, you need to do something.” At an early age, Ariel Pierre Louis became a mother figure to her two younger siblings. She believes that children deserve a beautiful, fresh start.