Bra Types for Every Body

Build a functional and stylish bra collection with the SKIMS Style Guide for bra types. It's your go-to resource to find the perfect support for you in different types of bras.

A bra serves as the base for any outfit. Wearing the wrong one can totally break your confidence. After all, a lot of women wear bras all day long, so investing in the perfect one is key!

Different Types of Bras

From bandeaus to classic T-shirt bras, each bra type is uniquely designed to address your fit and style needs. Explore our bra guide to learn which styles are right for you.


What is a bandeau?

Bandeau bras are strapless with a single band around the chest. They're usually unpadded and underwire-free, because the band's compression molds to the chest and gives amazing support.
The SKIMS Fits Everybody Bandeau bra is made with a buttery fabric that stretches over your chest and hugs it tightly enough to provide lift—without digging into the skin.

How to style a bandeau

You can wear bandeau tops, like the SKIMS Velour Bandeau Bra, as a cute crop top with matching velour joggers, or under relaxed zip up hoodies. The Fits Everybody Bandeau Bra is perfect under strapless tops or dresses, giving you invisible support and lift.


What is a bralette?

Bralettes have a soft, stretchy band that hugs under your chest, staying in place without clasps. This bra type can be lightly padded or unlined, but usually doesn't have an underwire.

How to style a bralette

Bralettes are lounge bras that work well with soft, relaxed lounge bottoms, like cozy lounge shorts. Bralettes can also be paired with fitted leggings and or under sweaters for an ultra-comfy fit. Try this top-rated bra style with the Fits Everybody Scoop Neck Bralette for gentle support and comfort.

Triangle Bra

What is a triangle bra?

A triangle bra has unlined cups with a triangular plunge cut, designed to gently lift and support the chest.

How to style a triangle bra

Triangle bras offer much less coverage than a T-shirt bra, high-neck, or even a demi bra. Try our Body Basics triangle bras with tops and dresses that have low cut necklines or pair with higher necklines to enjoy the comfort and gentle shaping support.

T-Shirt Bra

What is a T-Shirt Bra?

T-shirt bras are an essential, foundational bra. T-shirt bras have underwire and full coverage cups with little-to-no padding, giving a comfortable fit for any basic top.

How to style a T-Shirt Bra

Pair T-shirt bras with your favorite cotton tee or boyfriend fit long sleeve, and with high waisted shapewear shorts or smoothing slips for full coverage comfort and support.

Plunge Bra

What is a plunge bra?

Like a T-shirt bra, plunge bras give you basic lift with almost no padding in the cups. Unlike T-shirt bras, plunge bras don’t give you a lot of coverage.

How to style a plunge bra

Plunge bras are perfect for tops and dresses with lower cut necklines, thanks to the cups that dip below the chest. Pair with an open bust slip for ultimate comfort and support under your dresses. For a fun set try the Stretch Velvet Plunge Bra with the matching Stretch Velvet Dipped Thong.

Underwire Bra

What is an underwire bra?

Underwire bras have a metal wire that lays on the rib cage right under the chest, for a lot of lift and support. Underwire bras can be designed with padding or no lining. For an unpadded option see our Unlined Underwire Bra.

How to style an underwire bra

Underwire bras can help you achieve the shape you want, providing lift with subtle cupping that can round out the chest. These bras are perfect for your essential tees or other everyday dresses and tops with classic necklines.

Push Up Bra

What is a push up bra?

Push up bras give you support and shape, plus great lift and an enhanced size.

How to style a push up bra

Push up bras vary in coverage, so depending on the cut, this style can be perfect for high and low necklines. Made with lightweight fabric, the SKIMS T-shirt push up bra is comfortable under breathable tanks and fitted long tees, giving a second skin fit that will lift you up rather than weigh you down.

Nursing Bra

What is a nursing bra?

Designed to provide additional support and comfort during and after pregnancy, a nursing bra has removable cups or flaps for convenient nursing—without needing to take off your bra.

How to style a nursing bra

Style nursing bras with looser, stretchier tops. This can make it easier to pull down and nurse.


What is a hosiery bra?

Hosiery bras are breathable and stretchy like tights, with the structure of a bra. They're styled like a sports bra, but hosiery bras aren't restrictive. These bras are compressive, lifting, and supportive but they're also super lightweight on the skin.

How to style a hosiery bra

Style hosiery bras with cozy, relaxed pants and under oversized pullover sweaters. Hosiery bras work best under fitted tops with high necklines. They give you minimal lift and no size enhancement, which keeps tops from feeling too tight in the chest.

High Neck Bra

What is a high neck bra?

A high neck bra gives you full coverage.

How to style a high neck bras

Like a bralette, you can style a high neck bra by itself with jeans or another high waisted bottom, like an everyday pair of leggings. You can also wear them under hoodies with matching joggers for an effortless lounge look.

Shapewear Bra

What is a shapewear bra?

Shapewear bras are designed for support and comfort, and to smooth and sculpt around the chest. SKIMS Sculpting Bras feature a bralette shape that lifts and supports. The low back bra smooths in the front with a low cut bra band for tops that shows skin in the back.

How to style a shapewear bra

Low back shapewear bras are ideal when paired with tops and dresses that have open backs to prevent your bra from peeking through. Style the standard shapewear bra with high waist sculpting briefs for a smoothing effect.

Bra Measurement Guide

Even the best, most luxe bras can feel uncomfortable if it doesn’t fit right. Understanding how to measure your chest will help you nail down the perfect bra size for you. Never settle for the wrong fit! In order to find the right fit, follow these steps or reference the bra fitting guide on our Bra Size Guide:

Find your band size: Using a measuring tape, wrap it snugly around your chest right below the bust. Round down to the nearest even number. This will represent your band size.

Find your bust size: To find your cup size, measure your band and bust size. Using your measuring tape, measure across the fullest part of your chest and around your back. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground and snug, but not so tight that you’re flattening your chest.

Determine your cup size: The easiest and most standard way to find your true cup size is: Bust measurement (-) Band measurement (=) Cup size. If the difference between these measurements is:

  • 1 inch: A cup
  • 2 inch: B cup
  • 3 inch: C cup
  • 4 inch: D cup
  • 5 inch: DD cup
  • 6 inch: DDD cup

Find the right fit

Stocking up on different bra types will make building outfits even easier (and make them look even better!). No matter what look you're going for, there's a bra type that works with your style, and most importantly, supports you! Clear your drawers and explore SKIMS best-selling bras to start building the perfect bra collection.

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